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Cultures of Sustainability

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Bernward Gesang
Project Directors: Prof. Dr. Bernward Gesang, Prof. Stephanie Neu, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Wessler
Research Associates: Dr. Vuko Andric, Kristina John, Lutz Hofer, Dr. Dominik Schreiber

The Research Group "Cultures of Sustainability" focuses on a core issue, if not the most important question, for future models of societal development: the political, social and cultural responses to climate change. In contrast to climate research in the natural sciences the Research Group aims at exploring the cultural resources that underlie sustanable economic and social developments:
What type of individual convictions, public discourses and institutional innovations support sustainable development?
And how are normative justifications, media debates and citizens' attitudes connected in the circuit of cultural (re)production in relation to climate change?
Each project engages in its own way with the necessary and productive tension between a normative-prescriptive perspective characteristic of climate ethics, a reflexive cultural perspective common in literary studies, and the empirical-analytical perspective found in media and communication studies.