Universität Mannheim / PhilFak / RSC / Forschergruppen / Cultures of Sustainability / Project 4: Narratives of Climate Change (Dr. Dominik Schreiber)

Project 4: Narratives of Climate Change

Research Team: Prof. Dr. Stephanie Neu, Dr. des. Dominik Schreiber

Within the last thirty years, the human-induced climate change has developed into a controversial key issue of global significance, which mostly takes place in the public and discursive realms of politics, economics and science. Therefore, climate change is not solely a geophysical nexus but also a cultural, discursive phenomenon, which constitutes the focus of the research project. Two opposing positions are striving for public attention: on the one hand, the scientific perspective that climate change is a real threat, and, on the other hand, the lobbyist position of climate scepticism, which originated in the US but is currently gaining ground in Germany as well. This controversy will be examined through a cultural narratological approach in order to highlight and analyze the narrative strategies and methods of both positions. The textual corpus comprises both factual and fictional texts.